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Making Money With Mobile Streams is a Snap

Some 30% of mobile phones are smartphones now, and that’s been a boon to streaming music services like Pandora who developed great apps for iPhone and watched them soar to the top of the most downloaded apps list. But what about the 70% of the mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, and aren’t connected to a 3G network via a data plan?

UpSNAP is a mobile platform that offers streamed audio content to mobile phones via  a “click to call” option which can easily connect any phone to an audio stream. Here’s how it works: the phone dials out and connects to any streaming channel on the Upsnap platform. The charges are based on the minutes used, so lots of the programming is short form, but can also be longer, especially at night when many phone plans offer unlimited free calling.

It’s basically an alternative mobile platform for stations who want to reach “feature” phone customers according to Tony Phillip, Founder of UpSNAP. The stations themselves promote the offering to their listeners and drive the traffic. The listener can text the name of the station to *xxx, for example, and they get a return text message with a link to click on to listen to the station. The more traffic a station gets, the more impressions they have available.

Upsnap has developed a nice revenue channel around this model as well – Phillip says UpSNAP is the largest direct response network on mobile phones, serving a quarter billion ad impressions a month – revenue that is shared with the station. Setup is free, it scales endlessly, and offers entry into an untapped mobile audience.

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