November Internet Radio Audience Data Released

AndoMedia has released new audience data on Internet radio listening for the month of November 2009.

There’s a small decline in AAS (a term similar to AQH) of about 10% to some of the leading stations or networks, possibly attributable to the Thanksgiving holiday when fewer people are working. Ando’s press release points out that “November data displayed a decrease in listenership across the board over the Thursday and Friday of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, validating significant in-office listenership. Networks with more out-of-office (household ISPs) listeners were less affected.”

Pandora’s audience still grew by about 7% though, possibly because of more out of office listening, but probably also due to organic growth of the audience. Pandora’s data still does not include mobile listening, which is a significant additional listening segment. Overall, Pandora’s domestic listening number (187,149) makes it the most listened to station on the ranker.

Clear Channel’s network number was similar to October’s (70,696 versus 72803), the addition of mobile listening for the first time in this data helped them overcome the decline in AAS that other stations saw as a result of lower holiday listening.

CBSRadio’s online network, which includes AOL and Launchcast (but not puts it at the top of both the Domestic and All Streams Rankers, outranking all other broadcast and online groups.

There are some interesting patterns emerging in terms of time spent listening. EMF and Salem, broadcast networks that offer christian based programming, are demonstrating that their listeners listen more than twice as long as Pandora and some of the larger groups. AccuRadio also has a very high tsl – consistent with last month, but much higher than similar stations in terms of AAS. Other groups that are showing longer listening patterns include Citadel and Bonneville.

Here’s the All Streams Ranker for November:

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