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One of the strengths of Internet radio for advertisers is its accountability in terms of numbers of listeners and impressions delivered. The ability to know precisely who is listening to any station is a benefit of delivering content via a stream where a listener is connected to the content server.

That type of audience measurement, while vastly better than diary or panel based measurement, still has a few limitations. While every measured station has exact data on how many devices are streaming its content, one could argue that actual numbers of listeners are masked behind shared IP addresses – most offices for example share a few IP addresses among hundreds of employees. Since lots of Internet radio listening takes place at work, this could cause audience numbers to be lower than actual listening.

Another limitation of server based audience measurement is that while it can accurately define any station’s audience, it cannot define the listening universe unless it measures all the stations in the marketplace. This has made it difficult to define any station’s share of market.

AndoMedia, the streaming ad insertion and audience measurement company, announced a new initiative to attempt to better define the streaming marketplace by offering free streaming audio measurement to all stations. Ando Media says it  has developed new programming code that will allow any streaming audio site to accurately measure listening audience. A first of its kind, the “self-serve” code is easily installed on any site and will relay end-user information, not simply IP-level information on audience size.

“For all the growth that Internet audio has experienced over the past several years, one outstanding question on everyone‟s mind is how many people are out there streaming in total?” said Ando CMO Patrick Reynolds. New customers signing up for the service at GETMEASURED.ORG or at will receive access to industry-standard Average Active Sessions data on a monthly basis.
Advertisers and agencies will also have access to this data for evaluation for inclusion in advertising campaign buys. Ando’s existing customers receive this metric plus significant and expanded metrics in Ando’s web-based, on-demand client portal. Reynolds continued, “This innovation also allows Ando to feasibly respond to the request from the advertising agency community for universal measurement.”
AndoMedia says that in addition to participating stations gaining a clearer view of their audience size, they will be contributing to the growth of the medium by helping to define the overall marketplace. This is true, it would be very helpful to have a better defined marketplace. It’s also a very lofty goal – to get every station to participate in the platform. Universal measurement would require that. But along the way, Ando also gets a pretty good snapshot of who’s streaming out there.

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    Ando Media requires you to put ads on your website in exchange for their “free” service!

  2. We’re told this is an error, there are no ads associated with

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    No ads? You mean not yet.

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