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Liquid Compass: Stations Get Longer Listening On Our Platform

Streaming services provider Liquid Compass has noticed a positive trend among listeners to stations that use their servicesthey listen longer. According to November 2009 Webcast Metrics rankings just released by AndoMedia, audiences, on average for the month, spent 36 to 39 percent longer per session* listening to Liquid Compass’ online radio broadcasters’ streams.

“Average Tine Spent Listening is significant because it demonstrates online audience interest, engagement and loyalty — best achieved by providing a high-quality listening experience, delivered over a strong, uninterrupted digital stream,” said Zackary Lewis, Liquid Compass CEO. “Our broadcasters rely on the Liquid Compass network to provide just that and thereby support their efforts to extend the audience’s listening time.”

“Our clients can tie together their web, mobile, live/on-demand audio and video streaming initiatives into a total package that will keeplisteners tuned-in and engaged, served by the one of the highest-quality audio and visual streams available online,” Lewis said. He attributes the broadcasters’ success to their innovative programming, interactivity and creative promotional efforts, enabled in part by the company’s Streaming Optimization Platform(TM).

Liquid Compass broadcasters in the Top-20 Domestic Ranker include Bonneville, Greater Media, Lincoln Financial Media, Saga Communications and Salem Communications. While Greater Media does not appear in the publicly released ranker, the other four companies are among the top six stations/groups on the ranker in terms of high time spent listening, showing close to or more than 3 hours of average listening per session. (Domestic ranker, Monday – Friday 6am – 8pm).

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