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Study: One in Five Online Are Listening to Internet Radio

A study by Media Consulting Firm L.E.K. advises advertisers to consider Internet radio as part of its new media strategy. The study, which interviewed 2,000 US households, found that “Among active radio listeners, 32% use Internet radio services on a weekly basis, logging an average of 5.8 hrs per week per user.”

The goals of the study were to “uncover new opportunities for media companies and advertisers to consider, expose several major myths about new media usage, and confirm several of today’s media market realities.”

It’s an all encompassing study that weighs in on many traditional and new media categories. Among some of the other findings, the study notes that e-Readers are driving new consumption in the book and magazine market, physical newspapers are losing relevance, 52% of music consumption is via radio, and the 50+  demographic spends more time online than the 25-39 age group.

Offering just a few conclusive recommendations, the study emphasizes that “as consumers continue to multi-task more and more, advertisers should consider Internet radio as an up-and-coming media outlet since 19% of people spending time online for various purposes are simultaneously listening to music via the Internet.”

L.E.K. Consumption Media Study December 2009

So, to reframe for purely Internet radio perspectives:

  • 32% of radio listeners are listening to Internet radio weekly
  • They are listening for an average of 5.8 hours per week
  • 19% of the online population are listening to Internet radio while doing other things online

In case you want to put that in your powerpoint, the summary of the study is here.

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