New Audience Data Shows Pandora’s Mobile Audience

AndoMedia has released December Webcast Metrics reports on Internet radio audience for December 2010. The most noteworthy change in the ranker over the past several months is the inclusion of mobile listeners as part of Pandora’s data. Although it’s not broken out to show the station’s mobile audience on its own, Pandora’s total week (monday – sunday 6am-mid) audience grew by 45 million sessions from November to December – increasing that number to 150,821,223 session starts in the month. Average Active Listeners for total week for Pandora grew over 30% to 261,714.

Ando’s press release pointed out that December data shows a decline toward the end of the month due to the reduction of in-office listening. Despite the prolonged holiday in December, several stations/groups saw audience grow, including CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Entercom and Cox. Online station Digitally Imported’s number grew to reflect the incorporation of sister stations and JazzRadio.

AccuRadio, an online station that offers a wide variety of holiday programming saw a boost of 30% in its average active listener number.

Webcast Metrics December 2010 All Streams Total Week

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