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iheartradio Launches New Channel

Clear Channel’s relationship with Verizon will put the broadcaster’s iheartradio digital platform on Verizon’s FiOS high speed network, available to FiOS customers, according to a report in Inside Radio. It’s a move that expands upon a strong relationship between Verizon and Clear Channel that put iheartradio on VCast, Verizon’s mobile entertainment platform, in December.

Clear Channel COO Gerrit Meier tells Inside Radio (which is owned by Clear Channel) that iheartradio has established itself as a brand over the past year, and they’re ready to expand the places where it is available. They’re also expanding the platform’s offerings – this time with CBGB Radio – a new channel devoted to the New York Club that was founded in 1973 and launched the careers of the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith and other big names in punk and new wave music. The new channel will feature music, artist interviews and commentary from those associated with the club formerly located on Bleeker Street.

It’s a great concept – taking an iconic club from music history and recreating it online. The club closed in October 2006, but lives on at iheartradio.com .

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