Daily Archives: January 28th, 2010

Study: Radio Lifts Brand Browsing By 52%

A new study released by the RAB in the UK suggests that radio advertising can boost brand browsing by an average of 52%. Radio: The Online Multiplier is a report based on research conducted with a random sample of people who were exposed to 23 radio campaigns. There is no indication that any of these campaigns were Internet radio based, I think they were all broadcast radio advertising campaigns.

The most exciting finding is that listeners who are online and hear an ad are 52% more likely to browse for the brand they hear an ad for. What’s more, 58% of that browsing takes place within 24 hours of hearing an ad, indicating that radio can have an immediate and positive impact for brands.

More mature online categories such as travel, insurance, and telecom, where consumers have become accustomed to shopping and doing research online, saw the most lift from radio. The best performing ads had a clear call to action with a url or simple web address.

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