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New Tools Make Business of Streaming Easier for Broadcasters

The business of streaming just got a lot easier for radio broadcasters with the announcement that AndoMedia and Marketron will integrate their platforms to enable broadcasters to more easily schedule and deliver Internet radio ads, and combine AndoMedia audience data with campaign goals to permit stations to verify delivery of campaign goals.

“The integration of Marketron Revenue Builder with Ando Media’s Ad InjectorTM platform represents a key advancement in Radio’s Internet sales efforts,” said Steve Minisini, CEO at Marketron.  “Marketron Revenue Builder delivers new top-line revenue growth to our customers by giving them a powerful sales application and critical insight into their Internet business strategies. Ando Media is a crucial player in the Internet radio world, and forging this partnership was anessential step in achieving our goals.”

Now radio stations using these two platforms will have greater insight into their streaming inventory, which will advance their ability to sell and optimize rates. Campaign management is easier, and integrated audience data adds the sophistication of being able to validate the performance of a campaign with impression based data.

Our clients are looking for ways to simplify the process,” said Ando COO Paul Krasinski.  “[this] makes things easier [and] creates a ‘total audio’ platform for our clients.”

It’s great to see sophisticated business platforms working together to provide better business management tools to the industry – this will inevitably encourage greater investment of ad dollars.

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