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Stations Are Selling More Streaming Mobile Audio Ads

Streaming services have seen great success with their mobile applications and with the mobile ad marketplace beginning to rev up, mobile streaming ad campaigns are becoming an important element of a station’s revenue strategies.

Recently Targetspot, a streaming ad technology and sales company, launched a new mobile advertising ad platform and will sell ads for Slacker’s mobile service on iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones. Other stations and services are seeing a growing demand for mobile streaming campaigns as well.

Pandora Audio Ad on iPhone

Pandora’s VP of Audio Sales Doug Sterne says Pandora has recently started serving audio ads to their mobile audience as well — and more and more advertisers are interested, either because they’re already engaged in mobile ad strategies specifically, or want to expand their reach further into the Pandora listener base. Mobile listeners add another 8 million active uniques to Pandora’s audience.

Stations working with mobile ad serving platforms Flycast and Airkast can sell and deliver mobile audio campaigns as well. Both services work with an extended list of stations, enabling them to sell their own campaigns. Flycast also offers some network level sales opportunities.

Targetability within mobile ad platforms can vary – Targetspot’s platform can deliver mobile ads to Slacker’s mobile audience by device as well as by registered user information such as age, gender, and zipcode. Pandora delivers their mobile ads based on registered user information as well. Flycast enables stations and advertisers to target mobile ad campaigns by device, age, gender, geo, and format.

Airkast, using AndoMedia ad insertion technology, has the additional capability to target using gps based data on where the listener is – so a listener that’s in the vicinity of a Home Depot can be served that particular audio ad.

As far as cpms, Sterne says they’ll have to see whether the marketplace is willing to pay more for mobile audio impressions – but right now they’re priced the same across web and mobile platforms.

U.S. subscribers owning smartphones grew from 11 percent to 17 percent of total U.S. cell phone users in 2009, and mobile ad dollars are exploding, making mobile audio ad solutions a key element for any successful streaming station.

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