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Study: Internet Radio Has 60 Million Weekly Listeners

An updated study by Bridge Ratings pegs Internet radio’s weekly audience at 60 million, with average time spent listening up as well. The study also identifies a trend that other studies have noted recently — that listening to AM/FM radio is declining, but some of that lost listening is moving to listening to AM/FM streaming stations. Since 2005, Bridge Ratings finds that time spent listening to AM/FM radio has dropped from 22 hours per week to 18 hours per week. 50 million people listen weekly to AM/FM streams.

Weekly time spent listening to Internet radio is growing, since 2005 it’s improved 10%. People now listen an average of 11 hours per week to streaming stations (both AM/FM streams and web-only stations).

The study also finds that listening to audio (AM/FM radio, Internet radio, podcasts, etc.) on mobile devices has grown with people spending an average of 4 hours per week listening to audio content on a mobile phone.

Podcasting, or listening to podcasts, continues to show a small but stable following, with about 30 million people listening weekly to a podcast. Time spent listening is under an hour, and the study notes that longer podcasts have fewer listeners and recommends a “sweet spot” for podcast length of 7 to 12 minutes. Of people who are podcasting, the average user listens to 3 podcasts per week.

It’s a broad study that also encompasses listening patterns to satellite radio, which are stable but not growing. Internet radio is definitely the most promising platform for growing audience.

Dave Van Dyke, President of Bridge Ratings, will be presenting research on Internet radio’s audience at RAIN Summit West in Las Vegas on monday April 12th. For more info or to register, go here. Use the code Audio4cast to save 30% on registration.

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