Jetcast’s New Platform Rewards Listeners For Streaming

Streaming solutions provider Jetcast has partnered with Lenco Mobile and announced a listener loyalty program for Internet radio stations. RadioLoyalty will reward Internet radio audiences for using their favorite stations’ Internet broadcasts.

Jetcast provides streaming solutions to television and radio broadcasters, including streaming, ad insertion and network ad sales. Clients include Buckley Radio, Grupo Radio, 1.FM and as well as others.

“Our RadioLoyalty™ loyalty program is focused on helping Internet broadcasters succeed in the digital marketplace,” said John Williams, CEO of Jetcast. “RadioLoyalty™ contains all the tools necessary for a broadcaster to dramatically increase the usage of their Internet broadcasts, enhance audience satisfaction, and grow the station’s monthly recurring revenue. It is a win-win situation because RadioLoyalty™ rewards the listener and the station at the same time.”

Once a listener registers with RadioLoyalty™, they automatically earn points for various activities including listening to, or watching, a participating station’s Internet broadcast, referring friends to the station, and other activities. Loyalty Points can be redeemed for goods and services inside the RadioLoyalty™ store.

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