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Pandora Gets Social With Facebook

Last week Facebook implemented a new phase of integrations with other sites that allow people to share things they like on their favorite sites throughout their Facebook network. The “Open Graph” is Facebook’s new game, and Internet radio darling Pandora is a big winner in it.

“Pandora is mapping out the part of the graph that relates to music,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his announcement this week. “If we can take these separate maps of the graph and pull them all together, then we can create a Web that’s smarter, more social, more personalized

Listen to Pandora CTO Tom Conrad in this interview with Robert Scoble as he explains how Facebook came to them several months ago and offered a glimpse of their next phase in order to engage Pandora in becoming a launch partner.

What’s so cool about this, says Conrad, is that Pandora was already personalized and easy – “one button, you lean back and you’re done”  he says. Now, as songs are playing, friends who like the same music will pop up on your screen where you can see what stations they like and what songs they have bookmarked, even leave messages for your friends.

It’s a way to make Pandora more social right within the product. Until now, notes Conrad, Pandora’s been social because people talk about it – sharing songs and bands they found on Pandora over drinks or Thanksgiving dinner.

With 400 million users, Facebook is the social internet. The Open Graph, as this new integration is called, puts them at the center of the web’s social infrastructure. I think this is a huge step that will spur even more exponential growth for Pandora. A couple of years ago (almost) the launch of iPhone spurred millions of Pandora app downloads and a huge jump in awareness of the music service as well as Internet radio. I think this is bigger than that…

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