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RadioTime: Internet Radio’s Portal

As demonstration of the growing popularity of Internet radio on mobile and other connected devices, RadioTime’s online portal to Internet radio stations saw a jump of 40% in the number of times listeners tuned in during the month of March. The number jumped to 45 million – up from around 27 million sessions the month before. Most of that listening is done on mobile and other devices that use RadioTime’s tuner.

RadioTime is a company that develops tuners that enable mobile and other devices to easily tune in to Internet radio stations. The increase reflects more users visiting the RadioTime.com Web site and accessing the RadioTime guide from more than one hundred different connected home audio devices, mobile smart phone, and other applications.

According to RadioTime’s Dan Halyburton, the growth spurt is thanks to some new mobile apps like WunderRadio, which are seeing lots of downloads by iPhone and Blackberry users, and TuneIn Radio for iPhone users. Adding to the growth is the increasing popularity of tabletop wifi connected devices by companies like Sonos and Logitech, both powered by RadioTime tuners.

“RadioTime is turning computers, home entertainment devices and smart phones into worldwide radio tuners, helping radio better compete with online music services for listeners and advertising revenue.” says RadioTime Founder and CEO Bill Moore. Listeners download mobile apps or purchase new equipment to listen and they all pass through the RadioTime portal.

RadioTime’s portal is playing a more and more important role in Internet radio’s landscape. I truly believe that Internet radio needs a strong portal to unify the dial and make listening easy for listeners.

RadioTime is meeting the challenge by offering a portal where listeners can sort stations by region, format and call letters and enabling listening on mobile and other devices. If you’re a streaming station, I have two recommendations – make sure you’re on their radar, and find out how you can be a good business partner to them – your success is tied to theirs..

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