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Take A Look At Google’s Online Audio Ad Platform

Voices.com, an online marketplace for voice talent, has joined the list of companies providing production services for Google’s new audio ad format for Internet radio advertisers. The announcement, printed here, has a few things to say about Google’s Online Audio strategy:

“Google is extending its advertising platform so audio ad campaigns can be planned, purchased, tracked and measured on Internet radio, which includes both the simulcast of terrestrial broadcasts online as well as Internet-only audio streaming.” Yep,we knew most of that. Google guys John Breen and Jag Duggal have been hard at work for over a year now with a number of Internet-only stations, testing ad lengths and click through rates. Slacker is among the group of stations that have participated and seen some nice returns, and I did hear in Vegas that there will be an announcement that includes a big radio group coming soon.

The Voices.com release mentions the Google Ad Creation Marketplace, where advertisers can find vendors to create their audio ads. Google’s strategy is to sell integrated ad campaigns that include search (their bread and butter) along with audio, video and display ads. This marketplace is designed to enable that. It’s structured so that vendors create sample ads that are listed by ad type, length and price. Advertisers can browse through the ads and then contact the vendor directly for production.

Google’s Online Audio ads will range in length from :10 to :30 seconds and have an interactive display component that shows alongside the ad. A station’s earnings are – like everything else Google does – based on that click through rate. I’ve heard from some stations that the rates are very low but I’ve also heard of some that are not bad. Registered listener databases that enable the delivery of more targeted ads, reportedly boost click through rates.

Google Audio may be flying low these days, but they’re on my radar. As a potential revenue solution, they should be on yours too…

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