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Firm Reports On Internet Radio Revenues

Internet radio is becoming more competitive. A new release by SNL Kagan walks us through some audience research by Arbitron Edison and revenue figures from RAB to provide an interesting view of the emerging Internet radio marketplace.

CBS and Clear Channel are seeing the bulk of Internet radio’s revenues, thanks to their well established local audiences. But Pandora is managing well without the tower, doubling its audience and revenues. Pandora saw about $50 million in Internet radio revenues in 2009, has 50 million registered users, and logged 7 million mobile app downloads. The report pegs Clear Channel’s online revenues at $175 million for last year, with 22 million listeners and 5.8 million mobile app downloads.

MySpace Music, Slacker, Goom Radio, and Apple’s Lala are other players mentioned in the report. MySpace, owned by News Corp, has 70 million users, including those from purchases last year of iLike and imeem. MySpace had $490 million in revenues last year, including lots of revenue that has nothing to do with Internet radio specifically. MySpace is an artist oriented site that focuses more on site traffic than streaming.

There are some things that should be taken with a grain of salt – the report lists all of the sites that contribute to CBS revenues as including CNET and CBS.com, sites which don’t stream, and compares that to Clear Channel’s number which reflects online listeners for its broadcast, online, and mobile properties. It’s a report that compares major companies that include streaming in their online revenues rather than an accurate snapshot of the Internet radio marketplace. But for folks who like numbers for their scorecards, this one has a few.

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