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Report: Radio’s Tower Power Is Eroding

New data from Bridge Ratings takes a look at the new recipe for success for AM/FM stations and finds that it will take more than a tower to build an audience.

The study finds that terrestrial radio programming nets about 19 hours of listening. Current listening patterns show that 94% of that listening is still on the AM/FM dial and 6% is over the Internet.

Bridge Ratings AQH Pyramid 2012

By 2012, that listening will shift further, with tower based listening eroding to 90%, while Internet based listening shifts to 8% and mobile listening takes a position at 2% of the total time spent listening.

It’s critical that broadcasters understand these new device/technology preferences and accelerate content distribution over those platforms. Broadcasters should extend their streaming platform and develop side channels with alternative content that extends their brands. Data shows these channels can contribute to the long term growth of a station’s audience.

In addition, broadcasters should offer their primary content on mobile platforms as well as expanding to offer customizable content that is shorter in length and more interactive – to appeal to the mobile listener. These moves will position broadcasters to grow their audience in the face of eroding AM/FM based listening. I couldn’t agree more…

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