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Are Some Media Buyers Ignoring New Media’s Impact?

Flickr photo credit: sokab

Internet and satellite radio have limited appeal and do not pose a threat to traditional radio. That’s what the majority of reader respondents of Media Life Magazine said recently. More than 4 out of five thought the threat was limited or non-existent, maintaining that most people that are interested in that have already switched over.

I’m thinking this finding indicates that Media Life readers who took the survey are vastly uninformed and/or invested in the status quo.

No offense to the 11% surveyed that actually thought that Internet radio, satellite and HD are forcing terrestrial radio to be more innovative. While they are a minority, they do seem to understand the dynamics at play in the radio industry today.

The fact is, more and more of traditional radio’s audience is shifting to new listening platforms where they are finding more listening options. Seventeen million people listen weekly to radio online weekly, and 6% of listening to terrestrial stations is now occurring online.

Indeed, Internet radio is driving terrestrial stations to be more creative. Leading broadcast companies like Clear Channel and CBSRADIO have lead the charge by creating vast and innovative online platforms chock full of new audio content.

The growing ubiquity of wifi is further driving online listening, not just on smartphones but also on new tabletop and in-car devices. The radio game is changing. It’s scary to think that media buyers might be the last to know…

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