Interactive Radio Grabs Attention

Apparently, Amsterdam is the new hotbed for advertising ideas. This one caught my attention.

Hotel Arena is a hotel in Amsterdam. Recently they launched a really innovative ad campaign that uses a technology called Dual-tone multi frequency signaling (DTMF) to create a radio ad that offers to dial the phone for you. Really – watch this video to see how effective it can be.

The hotel’s advertising agency, called THEY, created the campaign. They also created the video to advertise themselves. THEY have received enormous buzz from the whole thing, and the hotel has received bookings as a result of the ad as well as the buzz.

Now, if we could just create an ad that people can click on while they’re listening to an Internet radio ad to make a reservation online. Oh, wait a minute, we already have that! See how effective an interactive element paired with an audio ad can be?

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