Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2010

Join the Internet Radio Party

A group of Internet radio stations have launched a new site and a promotion to bring awareness to how easy listening to Internet radio  has become. Listeners can surf to backyardpartyradio.net and from there select from a group of independent stations’ streams.

Backyard Party Radio Network is planning their first event for Fourth of July weekend. “As friends and family enjoy their time together during the holidays, the Backyard Party Radio Network gives another option for quality entertainment.” says Barry Funkhouser, co-creator of BPRN. The network was an idea created by Funkhouser, founder of Errorfm and Jeff Simmons from Radio23 along with a few others who wanted to find ways to share their audiences. They currently have about 20 stations involved and are looking to grow their group to 30 stations.

The stations involved are all on Shoutcast’s streaming platform and they offer a wide mix of programming. Radio23.org is a non-commercial, free -form radio station that features underground music and culture from all parts of the globe created by dozens of weekly live broadcasters. DirtySouthRadio is a pretty sophisticated looking HipHop station. Errorfm (“It’s not a mistake”) plays IndiePop and LynnBriggsRadio plays Smoothjazz. There are others as well.

The press release says they’re looking for a few more independent stations to join their group, which also intends to sell advertising. It’s great to see smaller stations getting together to grow their audience and develop revenue solutions. May they thrive…

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