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Triton Digital Grabs StreamTheWorld

In a move that solidifies a relationship with a company they were already invested in, Triton Digital Media has acquired StreamTheWorld, a Canadian based content delivery network. The two companies have been working together in the US – Triton has had the exclusive marketing rights in the US for a while.

Now, Triton will merge operations of StreamTheWorld with Ando Media to create The Ando Media Group. The new group will be headed by Ando Media Group President Yves Eric Laliberte, former head of StreamTheWorld. StreamTheWorld is the largest live streaming delivery provider that focuses exclusively on broadcasters. Ando’s audience measurement service is widely used by Internet radio stations here in the US to quantify audience size and impression delivery.

Obviously the two companies have taken some baby steps together and liked what they saw of the synergy between the two services. Ando Media Group President Yves Eric Laliberte added, “After working with Ando for many years, it became clear that an integrated offering providing a turnkey solution would simplify the value chain and stimulate marketplace growth. Our combined platform will enable us to work with clients from the inception of the stream through the successful delivery of targeted ads. The more straight-through the process, the more efficient and effective the results for our clients.”

It’s a good grab for Triton – it solidifies their relationship with one of their key platforms, enables them to sell end to end streaming solutions and keep it all in-house, and brings some additional technical expertise into their fold. The new Ando Media Group headed by Laliberte is a good idea as it creates separation between sales and audience measurement – an issue that we encountered early on when Net Radio Sales and Ando Media were founded and owned by Aritaur. It probably also signals some maturation point in the marketplace that makes room for some new competitors. All good things…

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