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Love Your Listeners On Twitter

I read an article on wsj.com about a well known NYC Restaurant owner who has started building his brand online. Michael McCarty started a blog and has videos on YouTube, and his latest social media creation is a Twitter feed that tells his followers who is having lunch at his restaurant. He doesn’t limit it to rich and famous, instead he focuses on frequent customers. What a great way to make your customers feel appreciated!

What a great idea for a radio station.

I’ve talked before about the right ways and the wrong ways to use a Twitter feed, but in case you missed it or forgot, here they are again:

  1. DO ask your listeners to follow you on Twitter.
  2. DO follow every single one of them back (it shows them you care, and you can organize them into lists to manage them if you want).
  3. DO send them interesting information everyday. Tweet things that your listeners care about, like local news and stories, info about music and musicians, or just random thoughts. But keep it short, the shorter the better, so people can retweet your stuff.
  4. DO use a service like Blip.fm to tweet songs that you are playing on the air. Not all the songs, just one once in a while for fun.
  5. DO think of Twitter as another channel of content that you are creating. Make it fun and interesting.
  6. DO love your listeners on Twitter. Thank people for listening and following you by tweeting their names. That helps them get more followers, which is fun for them.
  7. DO NOT tweet promotional announcements.
  8. DO NOT tweet advertisements.
  9. DO NOT try to do giveaways on Twitter.
  10. DON’T make people follow you, make them want to follow you.

Twitter is a way for stations to build a better relationship with their audience and get more listeners. I tweet a few times everyday and it has definitely helped build my brand and audience.

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