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Nielsen: 45% of Smartphone Users Are Streaming On Them

More and more mobile phone customers are moving to smartphones. According to new info from Nielsen, 23% of mobile phone customers now have a smartphone, up from 16% in Q2 of 2009. Leading the pack of popular devices are Apple, Blackberry and Google. Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have the momentum – both grew their share by 2% from Q4 of 09 to Q1 of 2010, at the expense of Blackberry which lost 2% during the same period.

Both Android and iPhone users tend to be male – about 55% are male to about 45% female. Android users are younger than iPhone customers, they’re also less wealthy and less educated, perhaps as a function of their age.

What they do with their smartphones is also somewhat dependent on what phone they use. Top 2 activities for Android users are texting and surfing the Internet. For iPhone users it’s the mobile Internet and email. About 45% of users of both devices have streamed music or mobile radio on their device in the last 30 days. That puts streaming from smartphones about in the middle of the pack when comparing the kinds of activities people are using their connected devices for.

In a presentation in NYC this week, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker predicted that mobile use will continue to increase, with smartphone sales surpassing PC sales within two years. Smartphone use will dominate – with mobile Internet users buying more smartphones (93 million) than basic-feature phones (90 million) by next year.

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