SoundExchange To Host Webinar For Webcasting Services

There are a lot of signs that Internet radio is a thriving marketplace. Positive indicators include an expanding audience and growing awareness of the medium, revenue growth, and an increase in acquisitions and investment activity. As part of a webinar that SoundExchange is hosting for webcasters next week, they have invited me to present a brief overview of the Internet radio marketplace that will provide more details on these trends.

SoundExchange is inviting new and existing webcasting services to join a webinar next Wednesday June 30th at 1pm edt. Topics covered will include licensing options, an explanation of what services need to submit and why it’s important, and details on what happens to the royalties that webcast services pay.

You can register for SoundExchange’s Webinar for Service Providers here.

One response

  1. Would love to also hear what they are doing about the millions of dollars they are holding back and not paying to artists whose lifeblood was so critical to SoundExchange during it’s push to pile up performace tax fees on streaming services.

    And, if they have any idea how a business plan for internet radio and streaming might be executed using current and planned perfromance taxes—we’re all ears.

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