Gaming Platform Will Sell Online Audio Ads

The fact that Real Time Worlds, an entertainment software company, has decided to begin selling audio ads in its very popular APB gaming platform, the multiplayer online freeform combat and driving-based game, designed by the creator of the original Grand Theft Auto. The company recently announced via a post to its official forums that the game will feature “a short audio ad” for every three hours a user spends in its digital world.

This is great news!

Taking a positive viewpoint, it’s another reason for advertisers to seriously consider audio advertising in their overall digital ad strategy. Getting advertisers to understand how to produce effective audio ads has been a challenge. While I was president of Net Radio Sales, I had lots of digital agency folks tell me very frankly that they didn’t know how to write or produce effective digital audio campaigns. They knew banners. They knew video. But audio? Not a clue.

Audio ads don’t have much buzz in interactive shops.

So the more folks out there selling audio as a digital advertising option, the better. I think it will build interest in digital audio, help increase the buzz. I’m hoping more gaming platforms will follow in their footsteps..

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