Pandora: We have 60 Million Users

Yesterday Pandora announced that they have hit another benchmark with 60 million registered users. Wow! Last December they announced that they had hit 40 million and then in April they hit 50 million. Now, not even 3 months later they’ve added another 10 million.

Pandora’s ubiquity is no doubt responsible for their amazing growth. Their iPhone app is enormously popular, and they’re also on Android, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. They launched an iPad app almost as soon as that device hit the market. They have a deal with Facebook that has given them enormous exposure and reach to a new group of potential listeners. They’re on Roku, which puts Internet radio on your television, lots of wifi enabled tabletop devices, and will soon be in new cars as well.

So no, they’re not done. Not nearly.

This is all great news for Internet radio. Pandora is the darling of Internet radio and the service that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. These days, lots of people are learning about online radio by listening to Pandora. But there’s plenty of room in the pool for more stations and services who are interested in building an audience by giving listeners more of what they want to hear.

Congratulations Pandora, well done indeed!

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