Daily Archives: July 27th, 2010

YouTube Flexes Its Music Muscle

Music recommendation services are hot – just take a look at Pandora’s exponential growth as evidence of that. Now YouTube has launched a revamped music page that showcases the most viewed music videos and managed playlists, and gives people the ability to create on-the-fly mixes.

A new Musicians Wanted feature also gives unsigned artists a channel for getting exposure for their music, and listeners to discover them.

The revamped YouTube music also lets listeners/viewers pick a genre and go – building an instant playlist for them. Presumably, YouTube will be mixing in songs by new musicians, popular artists, up and coming acts, all based on the enormous amount of listening data they have.

YouTube already has lots of traffic as a music discovery site – people know they can turn to YouTube to hear (and see) just about any song and/or artist.

YouTube’s vast offerings of music put it in the music game both as a source for on-demand listening as well as a jukebox. This update is a plan to make it easier for people to access those offerings and create a personalized listening experience. With video for those who want it…

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