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Streaming Increases Music Consumption

flickr credit: wstryder

Streaming is a very good thing for the music industry. So says a new study conducted on behalf of streaming services company Aspiro Music. Streaming music reduces illegal filesharing activity and increases overall listening to music.

The survey, conducted in Norway in June, shows that one of three Norwegians have now streamed music. A good 60% say they feel more up to date on music, 68% listen to more music and 72% say they often find music they didn’t know about prior to using a streaming service. Streaming increases both the total consumption of music, as well as broadening the range of music people listen to.

“We believe that efficient and payment-based streaming services will lead to better economy for artists, record labels and rights holders long term, and that it will turn around recent years descending revenue trend”, commented CEO of Aspiro Music Per Einar Dybvik.

Aspiro Music produces branded and white label streaming music services based on payment or subscription models to a variety of companies, including T-mobile.

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