Looking Good: Internet Radio’s Next Challenge

Smartphones and other Internet radio devices have increased Internet radio’s mobility and moved Internet radio into much closer competition with broadcast radio, according to a briefing of the Station Resource Group. Wireless Internet radio will not completely replace broadcast radio, however it will continue to expand.

Handheld devices are becoming a popular mobile Internet radio listening device, and although easy listening is complicated by the need for specialized applications per station or service and device operating system, that will likely change with updates to browsers and technology. New interest and developments are heating up for connected automotive devices, which will grow listening to Internet radio as well. However the study notes that these in-car listening stations will also offer AM/FM receivers and won’t replace broadcast technology in cars.

An important aspect of radio’s new delivery systems is the screen that many devices have that can deliver graphical displays and even video. So as not to be considered deficient on these devices, broadcasters must develop alliances and strategies for offering visual content compatible with their audio content.  

It’s an interesting briefing that acknowledges the increasing impact the Internet radio is having on broadcast radio stations. There’s wisdom in the recommendations that radio begin to identify itself as a visual medium and develop visual content solutions that can entice listeners. This video by Slate Magazine gives an overview of some Internet radio stations’ visual approaches and also made me think a little more about videos as well…

3 responses

  1. “There’s wisdom in the recommendations that radio begin to identify itself as a visual medium and develop visual content solutions that can entice listeners.”

    There’s no wisdom in these recommendations at all. It’s simply nonsense. Radio is not a visual medium and it cannot become a visual medium. Sorry but there it is. Listening and following advice like this will doom you to failure.

    Please post a link to whoever seriously suggests this idea, I need a good laugh.

  2. Hi Terry,

    The link to the briefing is in my post, here it is again:

    Click to access 10-06-28%20Mobile%20Internet%20&%20Broadcast%20Radio.pdf

    thanks for reading!


  3. […] Dial loves Pandora’s listening figures; Jennifer Lane reckons that radio ought to think about how it looks as well as how it sounds; and Duncan Robertson’s Radio Aunty gets a serious […]

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