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Is Bubba Headed to Internet Radio?

Bubba the Love Sponge has apparently been talking on his radio show about going to Radioio, a well established Internet radio platform that has been around for quite a while. That’s according to Motley Fool, an online investment magazine that spends a lot of time focused on Sirius XM who describes Radioio as “a wholly owned subsidiary of IOWorld. They have over 1 million listeners and a pretty good platform and service.”

Bubba is currently under contract with Sirius XM and is broadcast on the Howard channels at Sirius XM. He is also heard on some Cox and Beasley stations in Florida. It looks like his contract, like Stern’s is up at the end of the year. The Motley Fool article is also suggesting that Howard himself could end up at Radioio.

Radioio is a great multi channel Internet radio station that was started by Mike Roe in 2000. Roe is a smart entrepreneur who is passionate about music and his online platform. A few years ago Radioio was acquired by a public company and Roe now consults. Over the years Radioio has grown in terms of channels and listeners.

When asked about the rumors, Roe said “All I’m going to say is this: Any one who knows anything at all about broadcasting knows that the internet is the future of radio. Period. So, what are the odds that a Stern or a Bubba doesn’t know that? It isn’t really a question of whether or not these personalities will (eventually) come to internet radio, but when. We certainly hope its sooner than later. Don’t you?”

Nothing would please me more than to see an early Internet radio passionista like Roe and his startup Radioio land a big fish like Bubba or Howard Stern. May they thrive…

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