Is Bubba Headed to Internet Radio?

Bubba the Love Sponge has apparently been talking on his radio show about going to Radioio, a well established Internet radio platform that has been around for quite a while. That’s according to Motley Fool, an online investment magazine that spends a lot of time focused on Sirius XM who describes Radioio as “a wholly owned subsidiary of IOWorld. They have over 1 million listeners and a pretty good platform and service.”

Bubba is currently under contract with Sirius XM and is broadcast on the Howard channels at Sirius XM. He is also heard on some Cox and Beasley stations in Florida. It looks like his contract, like Stern’s is up at the end of the year. The Motley Fool article is also suggesting that Howard himself could end up at Radioio.

Radioio is a great multi channel Internet radio station that was started by Mike Roe in 2000. Roe is a smart entrepreneur who is passionate about music and his online platform. A few years ago Radioio was acquired by a public company and Roe now consults. Over the years Radioio has grown in terms of channels and listeners.

When asked about the rumors, Roe said “All I’m going to say is this: Any one who knows anything at all about broadcasting knows that the internet is the future of radio. Period. So, what are the odds that a Stern or a Bubba doesn’t know that? It isn’t really a question of whether or not these personalities will (eventually) come to internet radio, but when. We certainly hope its sooner than later. Don’t you?”

Nothing would please me more than to see an early Internet radio passionista like Roe and his startup Radioio land a big fish like Bubba or Howard Stern. May they thrive…

13 responses

  1. RadioIO is the future of radio!

  2. RadioIO who? I have Never heard of this group until now.. At least say Pandora or Slacker or even Last FM was interested in bubba and howie.. Make it some what believable to readers… IM sure that RadioIO is going to whip out 100 million plus dollars for howie, right…. Give me a break…

  3. Do some homework and see who the CEO of Radioio is and what relationship he has to Bubba and Howard. They all have worked together before my friend 🙂

  4. So Tom Bean is CEO. Neither Bubba nor Howard will ever do anything with RadioIO. Bubba hints at it occasionally to help out his buddy Bean, but seriously? IOWorld has nowhere near the capital to sign even25, must less Bubba or Howard. This is a pure work and anyone who falls for it is a moron

  5. People are so naive. Anyone who knows radio, knows that the 2nd highest paid radio talent in the world is not going to move to a second rate internet radio station. And Bubba won’t either. This is nothing but a sad attempt by Tom Bean to pump up stock prices. Bubba should be ashamed for trying to mislead us.

  6. Why was my post deleted? Because I stated the obvious that Bubba is not going to RadioIO and the CEO is his buddy and agent Tom Bean? Why would Jennifer Lane not want my opinion noted here?

  7. If my posts stating my opinion that BTLS is not ever going to RadioIO continued to be deleted, I will blow this story up on twitter, FB, and every other media outlet that will listen to me. This is very suspicious….

  8. In moderation? Guess I’ll have to take to social media to be heard. This was a mistake Jennifer. You’ve confirmed my suspicions….

  9. This is a very suspicious story. Bubba hints at coming to RadioIO. Bubba’s agent (and good buddy) is, wait for it, CEO of IOWORLD media. Bubba dropping hints like this can’t hurt his stock prices right? The more outlets that put this story out there, can’t hurt stock prices, right? Yet anyone with at least a 1/2 functioning brain knows BTLS will never go to RadioIO. THere’s not enough money there for BTLS. This is such blatant BS. HOwever, since we know most of the bubba army truly does have only 1/2 of a functioning brain, Jennifer finds it appropro to censor my opinion. I wonder why? ASk to see IWDM’s financials next time you hear something like this.

  10. Um. I was sleeping, not censoring. I approve all comments on my blog. The story was told as a rumor. Thanks for reading.

  11. Wonder how dumb Lud feels now, hes made it pretty clear he is coming to radioIO now.. So lesson to all who think they know everything….

  12. they started selling stock in aug or sept 2010 bubba is spending his investors money like crazy .250.000.000 penny shares if bubba belived in himself or his own people belived in him they would not have offered the stock ,but of course its an Epic Fail Bubba does not have a chance stay away from this right now you can make some coin but get out early like before they air, with what they offer as a show it just isnt going to work as a pay show .

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