Daily Archives: September 14th, 2010

Super Tuesday for Music Fans

Today is one of the busiest release dates for new music, and to celebrate, NPR Music is giving listeners a preview of 14 new albums including Robert Plant, Mavis Staples, SuperChunk, and other great stuff.

NPR Music regularly debuts new music on their First Listen page, and right now it’s – according to them – a veritable First Listen Extravaganza. But hurry if you want to sample – today is the last day it will be available.

It’s just so impressive that NPR, long known for great news and commentary, has built this solid reputation for its digital music platform and is snagging so many great artists to debut their albums.

By the way, NPR Music also has a new iPhone and iPod Touch app that gives you mobile access to First Listens, live music streams from NPR stations, a searchable artist directory including interviews, reviews, live performances, and more. There’s also a customizable playlist and backgrounding, so you can listen while you’re doing other stuff on your device.

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