Mobile Music Listening is Increasing

234 million Americans ages 13 and older used mobile devices during the 3 month average period ending in July, 2010 and close to 34 million (14.5%) of them listened to music on them.

According to comScore, the number of mobile devices that are smartphones is increasing, up 11% from April to July 2010. More than 53 million now use smartphones. That’s driving increases in listening to music, as well as texting, browsing, playing games, and social networking on mobile devices.

eMarketer’s number is lower – 21.7 million listen to mobile music now and that number will grow to more than 52 million by 2014.

“The mobile music market is in the midst of a major transition,” said Noah Elkin, senior analyst at eMarketer. “As the traditional revenue staples — ringtones and ringback tones — cede in relevance, streaming services have moved to take their place.”

eMarketer pegs the ad supported mobile music market at $44+ million this year and growing to $175+ million by 2014.

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