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July Data On Internet Radio Listening

Highlighting the fact that listening to Internet radio Pureplay stations, or online only stations now represents more than 60% of domestic listening on its ranker, AndoMedia releases July data for the stations that it measures. Given that 14 of the top twenty on that ranker are broadcast companies that aggregate their station streams, and only 6 are Pureplay stations, this is a strong indication of the dominant share that online only stations have in the US streaming marketplace.

Online station Slacker debuts on the ranker, minus its mobile streaming data, at number 7 on the total week US ranker (below). That means it edges out independent online station Digitally Imported as the next highest ranked online station after Pandora. It’s important to note that Slacker was initially a mobile streaming station – they used to sell their own dedicated hardware for streaming before iPhone and other smartphones took over those capabilities. Their mobile number should be significant.

Pandora is now showing more than 3.5 times the average active sessions as the next listed station, which is CBSRadio’s network of stations, including all of their broadcast streams and AOL and Yahoo‘s online radio platforms, but does not include Last.fm. Pandora’s dominance is huge with over 250 million session starts during the month. It’s interesting to note that Slacker’s time spent listening number is double that of Pandora.

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