Streaming Broadcasters Need a Wake Up Call

New data released by AndoMedia this week showed that listening to Internet radio Pureplay stations, or online only stations now represents more than 60% of US based listening among the groups that they measure. Dave Van Dyke of Bridge Ratings sent me two graphs that show the movement of listening to pureplay stations versus broadcast streams.

I think this trend is significant and should be taken as a demonstration of the need for broadcasters to modify their online strategy and move away from simply simulcasting their on-air product. Here are the visuals..

One response

  1. I would draw a different conclusion from this information. Terrestrial stations need to improve their on-air service, big-time, not move away from simulcast streams. Radio via the Internet is conducive to extended listening sessions, something terrestrial radio gave up on a long time ago. They need to reclaim it, not become a so-called interactive juke-box, or some form of video player.

    Radio is the only medium on the Internet that does not require the screen to be consumed and this gives it a huge advantage over every other form of media. The sooner people in radio realise this and stop listening to those who think that because the screen is there radio must use it. Bad assumption.

    It’s the speakers not the screen that’s the key for radio, it must learn that lesson and not be led down the road to ruin.

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