New Study Focuses On Streaming Audio Brands

Streaming audio is a category that doesn’t have a lot of brand awareness, according to a study released a few weeks ago by Coleman Insights. That’s a good thing, it means that there’s still plenty of room for growth and competition. Even Pandora’s brand awareness is limited – only 28% of streaming audio consumers could name Pandora and only 22% use it regularly.

Consumers who regularly listen to streaming audio could only name – on average – 1.6 streaming audio brands. This, says the report, indicates that the streaming audio category is nowhere near mature. In mature brand categories, consumers can name 6 or 7 brands.

That said, streaming audio consumers were much more likely to name an online only streaming station when asked than a terrestrial streaming station. 77% named an online station while only 33% came up with a terrestrial streaming station when asked to name a streaming station. Similarly, they’re much more likely to report that they listen to the online only station.

Kudos to the Coleman Guys for coming up with this unique marketing study. While several research companies are hung up on asking people if they listen to streaming audio and certain stations, or even less reliably, whether they would like to listen, this is research that offers streaming audio brands some highly valuable insight into their marketplace. The study summary comes with some good advice too:

  • Make branding your station/service of paramount importance
  • Focus on a singular position or benefit
  • Rethink the unique benefits that streaming services offer from the perspective of the listeners
  • Broadcasters: don’t ignore the fact that listeners prefer online only services – create your own!

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