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How Slacker Gets Smartphone Users to Buy Subscriptions

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Slacker has found a pretty nice formula for growing its subscription model via relationships with the cell phone carriers. Various US based carriers are selling smartphones with Slacker’s app preloaded on the devices which makes it easier for Slacker to get people to sample their service. What’s more significant is that Slacker’s also managing to convert those taste testers to actual paying customers, thanks to deals with the US carriers that allows them to direct-bill for Slacker’s subscription.

Slacker’s Jonathon Sasse recently told DMW that they’ve seen some nice growth in subscriptions in the past six months thanks to these direct bill deals with mobile carriers. Subscriber numbers are still low – about 250,000 people are paying a monthly fee for Slacker’s premium service, which pales in comparison to their overall listener number of 20 million (this must be a registered listener number). Sasse says half of that number is mobile listening.

Crunching that data next to some that we already know: Slacker showed up on its first AndoMedia ranker last month with 13,321 average active sessions, which did not include mobile listening. If mobile listening doubles that number they’ll be at 27 – 30,000 average active sessions per month. By comparison, Pandora, who last released a registered user number in July when they announced that they had 60 million, has about 366,000 average active sessions during the week. Which kind of leaves me scratching my head at Slacker’s 20 million number…

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