Daily Archives: November 11th, 2010

Triton Announces Targeted Audio Capabilities

Triton Digital has added geo-targeting capabilities to its ad insertion product. Targeted Ad Injector, which is compatible with the Triton Ad Injector service, enables advertisers to target their ads to Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Triton’s Ad Injector platform offers ad insertion, sales, trafficking and scheduling, forecasting and reporting tools for streaming broadcasters.

“Our advertising staff was able to generate significantly better returns from our ad rate per CPM as a direct result of our new ability to deliver location-relevant messaging,” said Amit Khanna, CEO, Aeibo LLC (Hindi Radio Mera Sangeet).   “Mera Sangeet’s target listeners are a highly sought-after audience that happens to be widely dispersed across multiple DMAs.  By leveraging Triton’s server side Targeted Ad Injector we are able to offer our clients the reach they desire with geographically targeted ads across all players and clients, including iPhone, Android phones, Google/Apple TV and smart devices.”

This is a significant development for streaming stations using the Triton Digital Ad Injector platform because it introduces real time ad insertion that delivers audio ads per user and enables targeting to unique users. Stations should be able to leverage this enhanced targetability into higher cpms and greater advertiser investments.

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