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Half of All Folks Who Stream Don’t Listen to Broadcast Radio

A new report from Coleman Insights provides information on the amount of crossover there is between listening to AM/FM and listening online. About half of the streaming population in the US doesn’t listen to AM/FM radio at all. Of the 17% of the population that is streaming monthly, 48% say they don’t listen to any over the air radio.

It’s worse with younger demographics and with males: 57% of 15- to 24-year-olds and 59% of 25- to 34-year-olds do not listen to any “over the air” radio. 54% of male streamers use no over the air radio while 42% of female streamers report no usage of broadcast signals.

Minorities are likely to have replaced over the air listening with streaming as well – Sixty-seven (67%) of African American streamers  listen to no over the air radio.

The same folks that are spending more time streaming and less time listening over the air say they have a positive attitude toward over the air radio, and they also say they are listening to AM/FM stations online. This leads to the conclusion that “Streamers who no longer listen to “over the air” broadcasts do not hate radio.  They share  the same moderately positive attitude toward the medium as  other streamers.  They simply have gravitated toward a different delivery method.”

Coleman Insights - Successful Audio Streaming Strategies

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