Grooveshark Makes a Few Top Ten Lists

Hats off to Grooveshark for making Google’s list of the fastest rising searched for terms in Entertainment. Google Zeitgeist 2010 is an annual roundup of the most popular search terms of the year. Google says it “captures the spirit of 2010” by examining the billions of search queries that folks typed into Google this year. Grooveshark sits at number 9 on the list of fastest rising Entertainment search terms.

This is a global list that covers lots and lots of categories. Clicking on Grooveshark on this list shows us exactly where their popularity is. First on that list is Costa Rica, followed by Argentina, Chile, UK and Australia. The US is tenth on the list of countries searching for Grooveshark.

As with all things online, buzz begets buzz and that may be some of the reason that Mashable recently placed Grooveshark on its list of ten websites to watch this year. Unfortunately, despite the nice press, Grooveshark still has some legal issues to solve, as they are hip deep in lawsuits from Universal (having settled one with EMI) over their on-demand streaming of songs without proper licensing – something the labels don’t take kindly to at all..

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