Lots of Listeners Want to Know Who’s Singing Their Song

Apple recently announced ten billion apps have been downloaded from the app store. Pandora tops the list of most downloaded free iPad apps and sits at number two on the list of free iPhone apps. Pandora was also the only music app on the iPad top ten – beating out others on the list like Google Mobile, Fandango, Bible and Solitaire. Facebook, which has the only app that beat out Pandora on the list of free iPhone apps, doesn’t offer an iPad app. Yet.

More obscure were some of the apps on the paid download list which featured SoundHound at number one on the iPad list. SoundHound is an app that quickly recognizes a song that you hum, or play a few actual notes from. Once it recognizes the song, it can launch a Pandora station for you, get you the lyrics, show you a list of tour dates for that artist, list similar artists,or show you a youTube video.

SoundHound is very similar to Shazam, an app that happens to be the fourth most downloaded app of all time on the iPhone app list. But at $4.99, SoundHound must be selling a decent number of these apps to be sitting at number one. And song recognition is obviously a big hit on mobile devices…

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