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Blackberry’s New Radio App Offers Slacker, iheartradio and more

Blackberry has introduced a new radio app for its mobile devices that is innovative in that it’s not dedicated to a certain music service. Instead, the new app gives users easy listening access to a variety of music services and platforms. Clear Channel’s iheartradio, Slacker, and Corus stations are included in the Beta.

This is exactly the kind of app a manufacturer should be offering to its users – one that makes it easy for them to see, select and listen to anything they want.

In the absence of an organization to lead the way with integrating apps and devices with stations, that job has been left to leading brands like Clear Channel and Pandora. And while it’s certainly a great thing that they are doing – both with cars as well as mobile devices – ultimately what ends up in cars and on smartphones needs to give consumers access to all rather than a limited list of stations. I don’t mean to imply that it’s entirely selfless on the part of Clear Channel or Pandora, certainly they benefit from early branding and driving more listeners to their streams. But what consumers will ultimately want is the ability to choose their own preferences from a portal that offers all the choices. Something more like RadioTime’s TuneIn app.

Blackberry’s new app takes a step in the right direction by offering several brands. I suspect we’ll see them open it up even more..

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