December Measured Listening: Some Ups and Downs

Late last week we got new Webcast Metrics data for the month of December from AndoMedia. There is little surprise that Pandora continues to lead the pack – they grew their Average Active Sessions number by 10% over the previous month.

Here are some other notes on the monthly ups and downs of others on the list:

Clear Channel, via its iheartradio streaming platform, saw it’s December number grow by 7.5%. CBSRadio on the other hand, grew only slightly from November to December, their number actually declined from October to November. Citadel, ESPNRadio, Cumulus, Cox, EMF and most of the other broadcast groups saw their December number shrink, attributable probably to the holidays. Digitally Imported and 977Music, two of the larger online stations on the ranker, saw declines as well.

AccuRadio bucked that trend and increased its number by 30% in December – no doubt thanks to the station’s huge array of popular holiday channels.

The other noteworthy thing about this ranker was the addition of mobile measured listening to the Slacker number for the first time. Their number grew by 25% overall. In its coverage of the ranker RAIN guesses that they are looking at somewhere between 50 and 70% of their audience listening on mobile devices, which they (RAIN) thinks was factored into part of their November data as well (so the spike was spread out between November and December for Slacker). Slacker’s number is roughly 1/20th that of Pandora’s.

Here’s the snapshot of the ranker:

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