Slacker’s Savvy Hispanic Strategy

Image representing Slacker as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Recently Slacker launched four revamped Spanish channels, targeting the Hispanic population in the US. Slacker hired two Latin music DJs to program the channels.

Regional Mexican, Spanish Pop, Reggeaton/HipHop and Rock Alternativo programmed by Slacker’s new expert Latin music DJs, Alex Cortez and Jackie Madrigal. The new programmers come to Slacker Radio with decades of radio and industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of Latin music and Spanish-language radio.

Hispanics are currently 15.7% of the population and projected to grow to 29% of the population by 2050.

There is some research that indicates that Hispanics are more likely to listen to streamed audio than many other segments of the population. This may be due to the difficulty of listening to a variety of hispanic programming on terrestrial radio stations, or a desire to listen to stations streamed from Mexico or South America, places that much of the Hispanic population in the US consider “home”.

Hispanics are also moving to mobile usage faster than the general population, and 22 percent of Hispanic mobile users download or listen to music via their wireless device, versus 15 percent of all wireless users.

Slacker’s move has tuned in to this, offering an expanded selection of channels, programmed by experts, that are deeper and more likely to please a wider Hispanic audience. One that likes its music streamed…


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