Toyota Launches a Big Campaign On Pandora

Pandora’s multi year expansive ad deal with Toyota sure sounds like a big deal. Called the “Legends and Icons” campaign, it pairs various Toyota cars with music genres and artists on Pandora. It will be the largest campaign in scope and span to ever run across all of the Pandora Internet radio advertising platforms and will feature exclusive content from an expansive roster of internationally acclaimed and award-winning musicians.

The campaign launched last week and runs through early 2013. It’s expansive in scope – each month will pair a Toyota vehicle with a demo and a genre station on Pandora. For example, this month the target demographic is Adults 18-49 and the genre station is Top 40. The campaign will be featured across multiple Pandora Internet radio platforms, including the web, mobile, iPad, as well as video and curated mixtape stations created by the artists themselves that include never-before-heard audio content.

It’s a deal that grew out of an earlier deal that put Pandora’s Internet radio in Toyota cars via their Entune multimedia system. That deal was announced in January at CES. “We have enjoyed working with Toyota on an innovative approach to connecting with drivers by leveraging their passion for music,” said John Trimble, Pandora Chief Revenue Officer.

“Pandora shares the same innovative and creative spirit as Toyota, making it the ideal partner for this enduring, multi-platform campaign.”said Kim Kyaw, senior media strategist for Toyota.

This deal puts emphasis on the relatively new Pandora genre channels, which are pre-programmed rather than personalized streams. This is a direction that Pandora is going to need to head in as they make their way onto more and more automotive devices, where the ability of the listener to interact with the platform while driving is limited.

Given the addition of Pandora to new Toyota vehicles, Toyota probably got a pretty good deal on this ad campaign…

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