Webcast Metrics Reports on January Listening

Stations that saw an increase in listening attributable to holiday music saw some declines in their streaming stats in January, according to the newly released Webcast Metrics data from AndoMedia. Pandora, for example, saw a modest decline in its Average Active Sessions number for the total week, dropping about 20,000 from their AAS.

AccuRadio, another station that features extensive holiday music offerings, dropped about 25% of its audience. I have to wonder whether, in addition to declines due to less holiday listening, the weather was any factor, given that January was among the snowiest months in history on the east coast. Lots of online listening still happens at work and this would have been impacted by that. February’s data will tell us more in that regard.

Other notes from this new monthly release: Slacker‘s data leveled off after a couple of months of sharp increases as mobile listening data started being reflected in their number.

Bucking the trend and showing up with more audience in January were Citadel (10%), ESPNRadio (17%), Cumulus (18%), Digitally Imported (19%), and EMF with an impressive 22% increase.

TSL leaders continue to be Salem, Bonneville and AccuRadio. Here’s the Domestic Total Week Chart:

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