New Group to Sell Streaming Audio Ads for Abacast Stations

Streaming provider Abacast has signed a multi year deal with a new digital and radio sales firm. AdLarge will sell streaming audio ads and companion banners to both radio and digital advertisers and use Abacast’s ad insertion technology to deliver those ads.

AdLarge is a new name in the streaming audio network sales arena, joining a group that includes Katz360, Triton Digital and Targetspot. Abacast’s roster of streaming broadcast as well as online only streaming stations is no doubt a significant addition to their group of stations.

AdLarge’s management team includes folks formerly with national radio network MediaAmerica or Jones MediaAmerica, which was sold in 2008 to Triton Media Group. AdLarge CEO Gary Schonfeld was President of MediaAmerica and then President of Westwood One. He’s joined by AdLarge President Cathy Csukas, former COO/EVP Westwood One Radio Networks and COO of Jones MediaAmerica, as well as several other folks with stints at both companies.

It looks like a nice deal for Abacast, who can offer their stations a new revenue opportunity. “Digital revenue generation is the number one request we get from our customers,” said Rob Green, Abacast CEO.  “The AdLarge partnership adds a powerful national ad sales partner and well-known national brands to our online radio solution.  Our customers now have yet another revenue source to complement or even replace their local digital sales.”

And it’s a good sign for the marketplace as well. Competition signals a healthy marketplace where opportunities have been identified. It also means more people in the market talking about streaming audio, building buzz and growing revenue. All good things…

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