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More Than One In Five Listen Weekly To Internet Radio

22% of the 12+ US population listens to Online radio weekly, according to updated Infinite Dial information presented today by Arbitron. That translates to about 57 million Americans. It’s twice the number that were listening five years ago, in fact, that number has doubled twice in ten years.

Time spent listening expanded as well, average time spent listening to online audio in a week is now close to ten hours, up from 8 a year ago.

Arbitron’s Bill Rose started the presentation by reminding everyone that Arbitron and Edison Research have been releasing studies about Internet radio since 1998 – this is their 19th such study. It’s by far the most comprehensive history of listening patterns to Internet radio. Since it began, it’s expanded to cover usage of lots of online media including video, social platforms and more.

Arbitron’s Bill Rose and Paul Krasinski will provide more insight into the new Infinite Dial 2011 at RAIN Summit West on Monday April 11th in Las Vegas. For more information on that, you can click here. To read or download the study, go here.

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