Internet Radio’s Buzz Factor

If yesterday’s RAIN Summit event at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas is any measure, things are looking good for Internet radio and digital audio. This year’s event was the 9th annual, and I enjoyed reminiscing with some attendees who have been at all or most of them about early events, like the one that was held in a private room at a Mexican restaurant. Things have come a long way..

This year’s event, like last year’s, was held in Ballroom One at the Renaissance which is immediately adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s thanks to the NAB that the event takes place there, since all or most of what happens at the big hotels in town during their show is subject to their approval.

The day’s agenda featured almost 50 speakers, and it was a really impressive bunch, starting with CBSRadio’s Dan Mason who gave the room his perspective on the challenges and opportunities that digital media presents for broadcasters during a keynote chat with RAIN Publisher Kurt Hanson. Arbitron and KnowDigital presented some great new research data on Internet radio’s audience, and Targetspot presented elements of a study they funded on Internet radio’s audience and the effectiveness of ads. Every panel was moderated by an expert in the field, and they had all clearly done their homework, as had their speakers.

The support from the corporate community for this year’s event was greater than ever before – there were more than 20 sponsors of the event, led by Triton Digital’s platinum level endorsement. Triton didn’t just sponsor the event, they contributed to designing one of the panels and sponsoring travel for some of the panelists on the Digital Face-off Panel. As I am sure you know, it’s the sponsor investments that make it possible to build a better event. It was great to have so many companies step up to support this year’s gathering.

Attendance at the event was great too – RAIN Summit West hosted a record number of attendees who asked great questions and – from everything I heard – were thrilled with the show.

Yesterday was an exciting day that embodied the optimistic energy surrounding our industry. If you were there, thanks for contributing to the buzz!

(In addition to writing this blog, I run RAIN Summits which is a sister company to RAIN Publications.)

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