Monthly Ranker Shows Some Ups and Downs in Listening Online

The newly accredited Webcast Metrics has released rankers of streaming audience for March 2011 for the list of stations and groups of stations that subscribe to the service. As it has since it debuted, Pandora sits atop the ranker, but its number is 495,000 Average Active Sessions (AAS) during the Monday-Sunday 6a-12mid daypart, as opposed to 522,330 last month, a loss of about 5.5%. Other services were down as well – including ESPNRadio (-14%),and  CBSRadio was off about 3%.

Not all stations saw losses – Slacker‘s audience AAS rose about 8% , others that had increases included Clear Channel and Citadel.

The ups and downs on these monthly rankers may be a signal that it’s time to switch to quarterly reporting which could be more stable, something that Triton may be considering.

Something else that they are apparently considering is licensing the server based streaming audience data to other companies such as Arbitron. Arbitron CEO Bill Kerr recently told investors “We are heavily engaged with our customers in developing a total radio service, which would integrate Arbitron’s established radio ratings with the new digital platforms to provide a total radio audience metric,”. Industry publication Inside Radio thinks Triton’s Webcast Metrics could be part of that plan, and reports that Triton is planning to expand the service to break out listening by device type, geo-location,
demographics and behavioral attributes in the near future.

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